Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service

Error response

When the user accesses the image service and the error occurs, the image service will return the corresponding error code and error information to the user to help the user locate and handle the problem.

Error response format of image service

Message body example of error response:


Errors include the following elements:

Code: Error code returned to the user by image service.

Message: Detailed error information given by Image Service.

Resource: Processed image file.

requestId: The only UUID used for identifying error request; the error ID can be sent to the engineers at image service to locate the error reasons when the problem cannot be solved.

Error code of image service

Error code Message Description HTTP code
BadRequest Bad Request Format error of request packet 400
NoSuchKey The specified key does not exist. No existing resource 404
AccessDenied Access Denied Access to server denied 403
MethodNotAllowed The specified method is not allowed against this resource. MethodNotAllowed 405
Internal Error We encountered an internal error. Please try again. Server internal error 500
- unknown error Unknown error 400
- wrong request para request parameter error 400
- wong processing mode Wrong processing mode 400
- can't decode image Can’t decode image 400
- processing error Apprehending error 400
- can't get response json Can’t get result json 400
- can't encode image Can't encode image 400
- can't copy image Can't copy image 400
- release error Clear resource error 400
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