Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service


Environment Preparation

Applicable to revision JDK 6 or above.

Installation Method

Import JAR package into Eclipse project:

Take revision 1.0.3 as an example, with the following steps:

  1. Download Java SDK Java SDK

  2. Unzip the SDK.

  3. Copy the file jfs-jcloud-sdk-java-.jar in the unzipped folder and all files in the lib folder of the demo project into your project.

  4. Select your project in the Eclipse, right click and select Properties > Java Build Path > Add JARs.

  5. Select all JAR files you copied in step 3.

You can use OSS Java SDK in the Eclipse project through the above steps.

Example Project

OSS Java SDK provides an example project that you can run on your local device. You can also develop your applications based on the example project.

  • Example project:jfs-jdcloud-sdk-java-demo.zip

  • Rich example programs are provided in the example project for the convenience of user reference or direct use

The example includes the following contents:

Example File Example Contents
JcloudOSSDemo Demonstrate quick start example for Object Storage Service
InitOSSSample Demonstrate the method of OSS initialization
ObjectSample Demonstrate the basic object relevant actions, such as upload, download, delete, etc.
PutObjectSample Demonstrate the usage of uploading object
GetObjectsample Demonstrate the usage of downloading object
DeleteObjectSample Demonstrate the usage of deleting object
MoveObjectSample Demonstrate the usage of moving object
ListObjectSample Demonstrate the usage of listing objects
PresignedUrlSample Demonstrate the usage of creating pre-signed URI
BucketSample Demonstrate the usage of configuring bucket, including basic actions (create, delete, display all buckets of the account) of the Bucket, relevant actions of anti-leech chain, etc.
MultipartUploadSample Demonstrate the usage of multipart upload of large files
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