Object Storage Service


Object Storage Service

Upload Object

When you successfully create the bucket, you can upload any type of files to the bucket. You can upload an object less than 5GB via the Object Storage Service console. If you need to upload objects greater than 5GB, please upload them by way of Object Storage Service API or SDK.

1.Enter Object Storage Service console and then bucket management; click the bucket to which you need to upload files in the bucket list.

2.Click to enter the object management list page of this bucket; click Upload:


  1. Click and then the below popup shows; file upload by single and in batch are supported.


  1. Click Object upload in the popup; select the file to be uploaded and then click Confirm to upload to begin uploading, and you can observe the upload progress in the task management popup.


  1. After uploading, click Close to close the popup. The file list will be refreshed and you can view the files that have been uploaded in the file list.
Update Time:2019-05-28 16:47:16