It enables the database audit function of SQL Server and currently supports instance-level database audit. Users can enable and disable the audit function, customize audit policies, and download audit files as needed. The audit file is a native SQL Server audit file and is saved for 6 months by default.
- Support SQL Server Only

Request method


Request address


Name Type Required or not Default value Description
regionId String True Region code, with range detailed in Regions and Availability Zone Comparison Table
instanceId String True RDS instance ID, which uniquely identifies an RDS instance

Request parameter

Name Type Required or not Default value Description
enabled String True The audit options to be enabled are separated by English commas or Spaces, such as DATABASE_OBJECT_ACCESS_GROUP,ACKUP_RESTORE_GROU
The audit option supported by each Database Version can be obtained by APIdescribeAuditOptions, and see Official Microsoft Document for specific meanings of each audit option

Response parameter


Response code

Return code Description
200 OK
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