Create Read-only Instance of MySQL
- Only Support MySQL

Request Method


Request Address


Name Type Required or Not Default Value Description
regionId String True Region code, see the value range in Table of Comparisons of Regions and Availability Zones
instanceId String True RDS Instance ID, the Unique Identifier of One RDS Instance

Request Parameter

Name Type Required or Not Default Value Description
instanceName String True Instance Name, see Help Center Document Name and Password Restrictions for specific rules
instanceClass String True Read-only Instance Type FlavorId
instanceStorageType String False Storage Type, see Enumeration Parameter Definitions, the default value is: LOCAL_SSD
instanceStorageGB Integer True Disk Space
azId String True ID of Availability Zone
vpcId String False VPC ID, if it is not filled in, just remain the same VPC as the Regular Instance
subnetId String False Subnet ID, if it is not filled in, just remain the same subnet as the Regular Instance
parameterGroup String False Parameter Set ID, the same Parameter Set as the Regular Instance is adopted by default
storageEncrypted Boolean False Instance Data Encryption (data encryption will be supported only when the storage type is Cloud Disk Service). false: no encryption, true: encryption. The default is false.
count Integer False Number of Created Read-only Instances, 1 by Default

Return Parameter

Name Type Description
result Result


Name Type Description
roInstanceId String[ ] List of Newly Created Read-only Instance IDs
orderId String Order ID

Return Code

Return Code Description
200 OK
Update Time:2019-07-11 18:54:31