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Search the Cross-Region Backup Synchronization Service List.

Request Method


Request Address


Name Type Required or Not Default Value Description
regionId String True Region code, see the value range in Table of Comparisons of Regions and Availability Zones

Request Parameter

Name Type Required or Not Default Value Description
pageNumber Integer False Page displaying the data; it is 1 by default, the value range: [1,∞); when the pages exceed total pages, show the last page, for searching the list interface
pageSize Integer False The data entries displayed on each page, which is 10 by default, with value range: 10, 20, 30, 50, 100

Return Parameter

Name Type Description
result Result


Name Type Description
backupSynchronicities BackupSynchronicity[ ]
totalCount Integer


Name Type Description
serviceId String Cross-Region Backup Synchronization Service ID
instanceId String RDS Instance ID
serviceStatus String Cross-region backup synchronization service status, normal, running; Error, error
srcRegion String Source Instance Region
destRegion String Backup the synchronized target region
engine String Database Type
engineVersion String Database Version
createTime String Creation Time
newestDataTime String Latest data time point of cross-region backup

Return Code

Return Code Description
200 OK
Update Time:2019-07-11 18:54:31