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Restore the single database from backup, and support recovery from backups of other instances (but must be instances under the same account). For example, you can restore from a backup of a database instance in a production environment to a database in a test environment.
- Support SQL Server Only

Request method


Request address


Name Type Required or not Default value Description
regionId String True Region code, with range detailed in Regions and Availability Zone Comparison Table
instanceId String True RDS instance ID, which uniquely identifies an RDS instance
dbName String True Database name

Request parameter

Name Type Required or not Default value Description
backupId String True Backup ID, which can be obtained from the backup query API, describeBackups
backupFileName String True Specify the name of the file in the backup used to restore the database. Normally the file name (excluding the suffix) is the database name of the backup. For example, the file name is my_test_db.bak, indicating that the file is a backup of the my_test_db database.

Response parameter


Response code

Return code Description
200 OK
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