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Application Scenarios

ERP/ Mobile Office

It is suitable for the demand of ERP core applications and mobile office. RDS can handle complex business logic and scenarios with high data consistency requirements; provide the highest reliability for corporate data and business based on the primary and secondary architectures of multiple availability zone. Moreover, the convenient maintenance allows you to focus on the development of enterprise business instead of maintenance.


E-commerce / O2O

In e-commerce transactions and O2O scenarios, RDS can handle the high requirements for strong consistency of transaction data and financial data in e-commerce and meets the performance requirements of high-concurrent transactions in huge volume. It is recommended to match RDS with a JCS for Redis cluster to cache website data.


Government Public Service Platform

The rich functions of RDS can meet various needs of the government public service platform for the database; the primary and secondary architectures of the multiple availability zone can provide stable, efficient, safe and reliable data services for the government public service platform, meeting the high reliability, performance, safety, as well as low cost and easy maintenance of government requirements.

Government Public Service Platform

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