Quick Deployment

RDS instance with availability can be created in minutes right after types are selected and the order is placed. The instance has complete monitoring and alarm functions and can be put into use and create value immediately.

High Reliability

It has a complete automatic data backup mechanism so that each instance will be automatically backed up once a day by default, and backups can be manually created according to service conditions without data loss.

High Availability

It supports the primary-secondary hot standby architecture by default and auto fault transferring, and provides continuous database access, database automatic backup and manual backup to effectively improve database reliability.

Flexible Capacity Expansion

It supports flexible capacity expansion and on-demand upgrade and can improve resource utilization and reduce the cost by use. It supports to add read-only instances to effectively meet the database performance requirements of service development.

Convenient Operation & Maintenance

The monitoring and automatic alarm function can reduce the operation and maintenance cost of users' database and the server network, and the cloud products save the equipment investment cost of users.

Update Time:2019-07-01 17:59:23