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Binlog File View

The Binlog file records the transaction information of the instances and is the basis for MySQL/Percona/MariaDB service instance HA architecture, availability and restorability. The JCS for MySQL/Percona/MariaDB service instance automatically synchronizes Binlog files to cloud storage on a regular basis and cleans up the local Binlog files after 6 hours, at which point the instance's local storage space can be freed for other uses.


  • At present, JD Cloud does not charge for the space occupied by Binlog files.

View Binlog files uploaded to Cloud Storage

  1. Enter RDS Console.
  2. Select the Binlog target instance to be view and click the target instance name and enter the instance details.
  3. Select Backup Management, click Binlog and enter the Binlog list page. Then, the Binlog files uploaded to Cloud Storage can be viewed.
Update Time:2019-07-01 17:59:24