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Backup File Authorization

A SQL Server instance needs read permission of backup files in the Object Storage Service, which file read permission can be added with the following method

Suggestion: We suggest you create a separated Object Storage Service for uploading backup files to be imported, and grant read permission of the entire Bucket to the background system account

  1. Create the bucket for storing files to be imported, e.g., database-bak
  2. Enter the Permission Setting page Click Enter the Bucket, select Space Setting, Add Customized Permission to enter Permission Setting page


  1. Set permission
  • Select Customized User, add user ID: 785455908940
  • Check "GetObject" and "ListBucket" for Operations
  • Keep others unchanged
  • Click OK to save settings


Note: Do not set any parameters in the "Static Website Hosting" page under "Space Settings" in this Bucket, or the reading of backup file may fail

Update Time:2019-09-16 21:21:44