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Import Backup Files

1. Operation Entrance

  • Enter the page to see the imported files. Click the refresh button if the files are not found.
  • Click Import on the right of the files to be uploaded to import files. Import Backup 1

2. Select Database to be Imported

  • Only databases in "running" status can be displayed in the list.
  • If the newly created database is under "Pending", it will appear in the database list after a while.

Import Backup 2

3. Confirm Import

  • View that the operation information is correct. Note: Backup of Cloud on Single Database only supports backups in FULL mode. Therefore, please verify if the backup method is correct. You can view the Document for the specific methods
  • After information is confirmed to be correct, check the option box and start to import

Import Backup 3

4. View Importing Status

  • Click Refresh and it can be seen that the files are "Importing", and the status of the instance is also changed to "Single Database Backup Recovering".
  • View the status of the database. It can be seen that the status of the database changes in the following order: "Deleting"-->"Single database backup recovering" --> "Running".
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