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Modify parameter group

When tuning parameters in a parameter group, modifying the parameters in the existing parameter group may not be expected. The function of modifying parameter group can be used to associate a new parameter group after tuning.


  • Modify parameter group only under running instance

Operation Steps

  1. Login Parameter group Console

  2. Select the target instance requiring parameter group modification, click the target instance, enter the page of instance details, and click Action =》 Modify Parameter group on the top right corner of the page

  3. Parameters are described in the pop-up box as follows:

    • Parameter group: List only the parameter group that matches the database type and version of the current instance
    • Click OK to finish parameter group modification
    • Click Cancel to give up parameter group modification


  4. After the parameter group is modified, instance restart may be required to take effect. Please confirm that the parameter group has taken effect.

Update Time:2019-07-01 17:59:24