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JCS for MySQL Audit Service

After the log audit of JCS for MySQL service is started, all operation statistics of DML and DDL will be recorded. JCS for SQL audit will not analyze the actual parameters, and a small number of records will be lost in case of heavy JCS for SQL queries. Therefore, the incremental data may be inaccurate by such statistics way.


  • SQL audit function is disabled by default, and is required to be enabled actively

Operation Steps

  1. Login RDS Management Console.

  2. Select the instance that requires JCS for SQL audit query, click the target instance, enter the instance detailed page, and switch to the SQL Audit Tab page. The JCS for SQL audit query function are listed below.

    • Execution Time: The time period of the JCS for SQL audit query can be 7 days earlier than the current time.
    • Database: Specified JCS for SQL statements of the database can be viewed.
    • Account: JCS for SQL statement of the specified account can be viewed.


  3. Click Query to see a list of JCS for SQL that meets the requirements.

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