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Function Introduction

"Performance Statistics" can provide statistics of SQL execution performance and various statistics of indexes from various perspectives to help users identify problematic SQL and potential performance bottlenecks for targeted optimization. For example, users can find the potential problematic SQL based on the execution time, the number of executions and the return row number of SQL, analyze whether the creation and use of indexes are reasonable with respect to the table scan, least-frequently-used indexes, index size, etc., and provide missing index analysis and creation suggestions.

I. JCS for SQL Performance Statistics

The statistical indicator is counted **After Executing SQL

  • 7 Statistical Perspectives Supported
    • Average Execution Time
    • Number of Executions
    • Return Row Number
    • Average CPU Time
    • Logical Reading
    • Logical Writing
    • Physical Reading
  • Customizable Statistical Conditions
  • Statistics can be downloaded in Excel format.

II. Slow SQL in Execution

Make statistics on the SQL in Execution and screen the slow SQL which is believed to be concerned by the user

  • Customized Statistical Condition
  • The statistical results can be downloaded in the form of Excel file

III. Index Performance Analysis

  • 5 Statistics & Analysis Perspectives Supported
    • Table Scan
    • Index Update
    • Index Size
    • Missing Index
    • Index Usage
  • Analysis on Missing Index and Creation Suggestions Provided
  • Statistics can be downloaded in Excel format.
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