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PostgeSQL Plug-ins

Because PostgreSQL provides rich Kernel program interfaces, developers are allowed to develop PostgreSQL extensions to implement dynamic loading by means of plug-in, leading to rich functions of PostgreSQL.

How to use PostgreSQL plug-ins

By default, the Cloud Database PostgreSQL is not installed with any plug-in. If you need to use a plug-in of PostgreSQL, please manually execute the CREATE EXTENSION command for installation operation.

Plug-ins currently supported by Cloud Database PostgreSQL will be listed in the following and those not in the list are not supported at present. We will successively increase more plug-ins in future.

Plug-in List

Plug-in Description
PostGIS, postgis_topology, postgis_tiger_geocoder, postgis_sfcgal PostgreSQL Space and Geographic Object
postgres_fdw Foreign data wrapper, which is used to access data stored in the external PostgreSQL server
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