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Product Overview

RDS is a stable and reliable cloud database service of JD Cloud based on the JCS for MySQL, JCS for Percona, JCS for MariaDB, JCS for SQL Server and JCS for PostgreSQL that are popular worldwide. RDS is more easily to be deployed, managed and expanded compared with traditional. It supports the primary-secondary hot standby framework by default, and provides complete solutions for data backup, failure recovery and monitoring to completely solve the issues of database operation and maintenance. Meanwhile, JD Cloud RDS provides a high-level security for database services by using network isolation, internet restrictions by White Lists, etc.

RDS Features

  • The current JD Cloud database supports five database types: JCS for MySQL, JCS for Percona, JCS for MariaDB, JCS for SQL Server and JCS for PostgreSQL.
  • Primary and secondary availability framework can be built up automatically and faults can be transferred automatically as well, free of user’s intervention.
  • 8 read-only instances can be added into the JCS for MySQL, JCS for Percona and JCS for MariaDB based on the horizontal database expansion performance.
  • The backup data shall be synchronized to JD Cloud storage, with 3 copies of saved files to ensure data security.
  • It supports flexible capacity expansion and adjusts resources based on the service situation.

Database Engine and Version Supported

The following engines and versions are supported by RDS

  • MySQL

    • 5.6
    • 5.7
    • 8.0
  • Percona:

    • 5.7
  • MariaDB

    • 10.2
  • SQL Sever

    • 2008 R2: Enterprise Version
    • 2012: Enterprise Version and Standard Version
    • 2014: Enterprise Version and Standard Version
    • 2016: Enterprise Version, Standard Version and Web Version
    • 2017: Enterprise Version
  • PostgreSQL

    • 10.6
    • 11.2

List of Supported Regions and Availability Zones

Region Region Mark Availability Zone Availability Zone Mark
cn-north-1 cn-north-1 Availability Zone A cn-north-1a
cn-north-1 cn-north-1 Availability Zone B cn-north-1b
cn-north-1 cn-north-1 Availability Zone C cn-north-1c
cn-south-1 cn-south-1 Availability Zone A cn-south-1a
cn-east-2 cn-east-2 Availability Zone A cn-east-2a
cn-east-2 cn-east-2 Availability Zone B cn-east-2b
cn-east-2 cn-east-2 Availability Zone C cn-east-2c
cn-east-1 cn-east-1 Availability Zone A cn-east-1a
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