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Renew Process

Renewal Instance

After the expiration of monthly package instance, JD Cloud will keep your instance for 7 days, but the instance will not be available during this period, and the instance will be completely deleted after 7 days; it is recommended to carry out the related renewal operation before the instance expires to make sure that the instance is always available; the configuration change is not supported during renewal, and the expiration time of the instance can only be extended. See detailed billing criteria in Price Overview.


  • The instance can be renewed only when the instance is running.

Operation Steps

  1. Login RDS Console.
  2. There are two entries for change the billing type, as follows:
    • List Page: Select the instance that requires the change on the billing type, and click Renew in Operation column.
    • Instance Detailed Page: Select the instance requires the change on the billing type, enter the instance detailed page, click Operation -> Renew in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. The renewal page is as shown below Renew
  4. Read the RDS Terms of Service, click to pay and finish subsequent operations as per instructions.
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