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Recover backup file to self-created database MariaDB

You can recover the instance backup of JCS for MariaDB to self-created database.


  • The version of self-created database needs to be consistent with that of source database of backup file.
  • The backup unzip software only supports execution under Linux.
  • The system dependences of decompression tool are: tee, python (version>=2.7).
  • Percona xtrabackup >= 2.4 has been installed on the current system; If it is not installed, see Official manual.

Operation Description

  1. Install environmental dependence, see precautions
  2. Download backup unpzip tool, Click Download and decompress with the tool name of ‘mysql_backup_extract.py’, use example is shown as bellow
    # View Help Manual
    ./mysql_backup_extract.py -h
     # Decompress backup data of JCS for MariaDB instance
     ./mysql_backup_extract.py  -v 10.2 -f ./backup.xbstream
3. Download Backup File
    wget -c ‘<Data backup download link>' -O <Customized backup file name>.xbstream

    -c: Start Breakpoint Upload
    -O: Save the downloaded results as the designated files. Note: the suffix of the file must be .xbstream
  1. Decompress the backup data and the decompressed files in the sub-directory tmp_snapshot of current directory. It assumes that the current directory is $HOME.
    ./mysql_backup_extract.py -v 10.2 -f <customized backup file name>.xbstream
    -Parameter v must be specified, you can view help manual by -h to know what specific variables should follow -v
  1. Restore decompressed backup file
    innobackupex --defaults-file=$HOME/tmp_snapshot/backup-my.cnf --apply-log $HOME/tmp_snapshot
When you see ***innobackupex completed OK!***, it means that the execution is successful. You can go on to the next operation.
  1. Modify configuration file backup-my.cnf
    # The MySQL server
  1. Modify file owner and confirm that the file belongs to JCS for MySQL user
    chown -R mysql:mysql $HOME/tmp_snapshot

8 Start JCS for MariaDB process

    mysqld --defaults-file=/export/tmp_snapshot/backup-my.cnf --user=mysql --datadir=/export/tmp_snapshot

9 Login JCS for MariaDB database

    mysql -uroot -p
  • The default password is null, directly press return key.
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