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Searching by Tags

1. Tag Filter

Click the icon of Tag Management at the upper right of the instance list to display the filter interface.

Click the icon of Tag Management again to hide the filtering interface.


2. Select Tags to be Filtered

Fuzzy search can be carried out based on input keys/values.

Different values of the same key are logical or relational. For example, if the "department" is selected as the tag for "Test Department" and "R&D department", the "department" is filtered out as the instance of "R&D Department" or "Test Department".


Selecting some tag key/value indicates that it is required to filter out the instance bound to such key value. For example, if users select the tag of "Department: R&D Department", only the R&D department will be filtered out.

Different keys are logical and relational. If the "Department: R&D Department" and "Purpose: ERP Development" are selected, the database instance involving the "R&D department" with the purpose of ""ERP Development" shall be filtered out.


3. Confirmation

Click Filter to filter the database instance after the selection.

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