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SQL Server Instance Type


  • The specification code is related to CPU and the memory only. Therefore, the instances of the same CPU and memory specification shall have the same specification code
  • SQL Server Enterprise Version in Beijing Region supports for both local SSD and NVME, while other regions only support local SSD Storage for the time being

Instance Type

  • General Type: the specification of CPU memory ratio of 1:4, suitable for most database customer scenarios. General specification supports all SQL Server versions
  • Memory Optimized: the specification of CPU memory ratio of 1:8, suitable for customer scenarios requiring large memory. The memory optimized specification is available only in Beijing Region for the time being, and supports SQL Server Enterprise Version only


Instance Type Specification Code Bucket (GB)
2-core 8GB db.sqlsvr.s1.large 200
db.sqlsvr.s1.large 300
db.sqlsvr.s1.large 400
db.sqlsvr.s1.large 500
4-core 16GB db.sqlsvr.s1.xlarge 400
db.sqlsvr.s1.xlarge 500
db.sqlsvr.s1.xlarge 600
db.sqlsvr.s1.xlarge 800
8-core 32GB db.sqlsvr.s1.2xlarge 600
db.sqlsvr.s1.2xlarge 800
db.sqlsvr.s1.2xlarge 1000
db.sqlsvr.s1.2xlarge 1200
16-core 64GB db.sqlsvr.s1.4xlarge 1000
db.sqlsvr.s1.4xlarge 1200
db.sqlsvr.s1.4xlarge 1600
db.sqlsvr.s1.4xlarge 2000

Memory Optimized

Instance Type Specification Code Bucket (GB)
2-Core 16GB db.sqlsvr.m1.xlarge 200
db.sqlsvr.m1.xlarge 300
db.sqlsvr.m1.xlarge 400
db.sqlsvr.m1.xlarge 500
4-Core 32GB db.sqlsvr.m1.2xlarge 400
db.sqlsvr.m1.2xlarge 500
db.sqlsvr.m1.2xlarge 600
db.sqlsvr.m1.2xlarge 800
8-Core 64GB db.sqlsvr.m1.4xlarge 600
db.sqlsvr.m1.4xlarge 800
db.sqlsvr.m1.4xlarge 1000
db.sqlsvr.m1.4xlarge 1200
16-Core 128GB db.sqlsvr.m1.8xlarge 1000
db.sqlsvr.m1.8xlarge 1200
db.sqlsvr.m1.8xlarge 1600
db.sqlsvr.m1.8xlarge 2000
Update Time:2019-08-20 19:16:31