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Restore Instance

Replace and Recover** instances via backup. As instance data will be recovered to the original backup time point after recovery. Please carry out the operation with care.

Best Practices

When it needs to recover the failed instance, we suggest that one new instance shall be created with the method Create Based on Backup or Create Based on Time Point with priority, then the row data shall be checked and finally the recovered data shall be confirmed to be correct or not.

When data verification is passed, please recover the instance with the "Instance Recovery" function or switch original instance domain to the newly-created instances by using the Domain Switch function.

1. Operation Entrance

Click Restore based on Backup on the right side of the backup list. Restore Instance 1

2. Choose Restoring Method

  1. If the backup granularity of this backup is "instance" and the backup type is "Full", then you can select Instance Recovery or Single Database Recovery
  2. If the backup granularity is "instance" and the backup type is "Increment", then you can select Instance Recovery only**
  3. If the backup granularity is "multi-database", only the Single Database Recovery can be selected and please select the database to be recovered from the drop-down list. Restore Instance 2

3. Restore Confirmation

The following dialog box will pop up according to different restoration types. click OK and restore.

The confirmation dialog of SQL Server

Restore Instance

Restore Single Database

5. Instance Status

On the Instance List Page or the Instance Details, it is able to view that the instance status is "Recovering" (instance recovery) or "Single Database Backup Recovering"

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