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Create Backup

JCS for SQL Server instances support two backup methods, i.e. automatic backup and manual backup,

  • Automatic backup: Time point triggering automatic backup can be set by modifying backup policy. For specific operation, please refer to Backup Policy. The instance backup will be stored on the Cloud Storage Service of JD Cloud and the automatic backup is saved for 7 days by default.
  • Manual backup: Users can initialize backup via the Console or OpenAPI. The system will not delete any backup manually initialized by users

Operation Steps

  1. Click the instance name to enter Instance page, select Backup Management Page, click Create Backup and enter backup name
  2. Select backup granularity
  • Instance backup: It means that the entire instance is backed up. Select and click OK to start backup.
  • Multi-database backup: It means that one or more databases will be backed up. The Console will list the currently-available databases (only the "Running" databases will be displayed in the list), please select the databases to be backed up and click OK to start backup. 创建备份3
  1. Return to the backup list page, you will see the display that the backup is "Creating". Wait for a time period, click Refresh and manually refresh the page. You will see that the backup is completed and it is displayed that the backup is "Normal" 创建备份4
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