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Migrate from virtual machine MariaDB to JCS for MariaDB

We mainly discuss about how to migrate self-created MariaDB Service from virtual machine to JCS for MariaDB. Instead of performing daily operation and maintenance, monitoring, backup and other operations by yourself in the case of using self-created local MariaDB, you can only concern use by using JCS for MariaDB.


  • New JCS for MariaDB instance and the virtual machine shall be in the same virtual private cloud.
  • It shall ensure that the capacity space of new JCS for MariaDB instance is not less than that of virtual machine self-created JCS for MariaDB.

Action Steps

  1. Create JCS for MariaDB, the specific steps for creation see Create Cloud Database RDS instance.
  2. Create the database through the console. It shall ensure that the name of virtual machine self-created MariaDB to be exported has been created in JCS for MariaDB as well. For specific creation steps, see Create Database.
  3. Create database account through the console, which also can be the account used for creating JCS for MariaDB. Then grant read/write permission for the new database created in the step 2 of operation. Specific creation steps see Create Account.
  4. After completion of JCS for MariaDB creation and initialization, it should begin to export data from virtual machine self-created MariaDB to local by executing the command
    mysqldump -u User name -p Password --single-transaction --set-gtid-purged=OFF -B Database name > /Path/Outputted file name.sql

    Parameter Description
        User name: User name of self-built database.
        Password: Password of self-built database.
        Database name: Fill in database names to be outputted and separate several database names with spaces
  1. After self-created MariaDB has been exported from virtual machine to local, it can import the data into JCS for MariaDB by executing the command
    mysql -u User name -p Password -h Cloud database domain name < /Path/Outputted file name.sql

    Parameter Description
        User name: User name in actions of step 3
        Password: Corresponding password of the user in actions of step 3
        Database domain name: the domain name of JCS for MariaDB can be viewed on Instance Details page.
  1. If there is no error notification, it means the import is successful. You can login JCS for MariaDB to view whether the data has been imported actually.
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