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Preparation before Creation

Before you start creating Linux instance, you need to complete the registration of JD Cloud account and real-name verification, and get ready to pay for resources to be purchased.

Account Registration

If you already have a JD Cloud account, you can skip this step for subsequent setting. If you have not registered a JD Cloud account, you can register at JD Cloud official website, please refer to Register JD Cloud

Account Verification

Real-name verification is a prerequisite for purchasing and using resources of JD Cloud. You can choose to perform personal real-name verification or enterprise real-name verification for the account. For details, see Real-name Verification.

Payment Preparation

If you are to purchase an instance billed by configuration, as the method of Pay-As-You-Go is adopted, to prevent deduction failure caused by insufficient account balance during the billing cycle, which in turn affects the normal use of the instance, and when the pay-by-configuration billing instance is enabled, your account balance (cash balance + amount of available coupon) shall not be lower than the consumption threshold. Therefore, if you choose this billing mode, please charge at least RMB 50 to the account to ensure that the instance can be created. Then you can configure the daily cost according to the selected instance and estimate the total cost according to use duration and then recharge it.

If you purchase the monthly package instance, as the pay-in-advance mode is adopted, you will need to pay the full cost of the selected instance configuration for a specified life cycle, so you will need sufficient account balance (cash balance + amount of available coupons) or choose a third party payment to complete the payment at the time of payment.

For more information about billing rules, please refer to Virtual Machines Billing Rules; If you want to know the specific cost for different configurations, different billing modes, and different purchase durations, you can go to Price Calculator for cost estimation.

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