Virtual Machines


Virtual Machines



Search the details of enabling templates

Request Method


Request Address{regionId}/instanceTemplates/{instanceTemplateId}

Name Type Required or Not Default Value Description
regionId String True Region ID
instanceTemplateId String True Enable the template ID

Request Parameter


Return Parameter

Name Type Description
result Result
requestId String


Name Type Description
instanceTemplate InstanceTemplate


Name Type Description
id String Enable the template ID
name String Enabling Template Name
description String Description of Enabling Template
instanceTemplateData InstanceTemplateData Data of Enabling Templates
ags Ag[ ] Related Availability Group (ag) Information
createdTime String Creation Time


Name Type Description
name String Availability Group Name
id String Availability Group id


Name Type Description
instanceType String Instance Type
vpcId String ID of primary network interface’s VPC
imageId String Image ID
includePassword Boolean Whether the enabling template contains the customized password, true: Yes, false: No
systemDisk InstanceTemplateDiskAttachment System Disk Information
dataDisks InstanceTemplateDiskAttachment[ ] Data disk information, when being used as the Virtual Machines of the system disk, the local disk (local type) can be attached with 8 data disks, while the Virtual Machines of which Cloud Disk Service (cloud type) serve as the system disk can be attached with 7 data disks.
primaryNetworkInterface InstanceTemplateNetworkInterfaceAttachment Primary Network Interface Information
elasticIp InstanceTemplateElasticIp Elastic IP specification related to primary IP of primary network interface
keyNames String[ ] Key Pair Name; only support one now


Name Type Description
bandwidthMbps Integer Elastic IP Speed Limit Unit: MB
provider String IP Service Provider, Value: BGP,nonBGP
chargeMode String Billing type, billing by bandwidth supported, billing by flow supported


Name Type Description
deviceIndex Integer Device Index; The index of primary network interface must be 1; only the primary network interface is supported now
autoDelete Boolean Indicate if the network interface is deleted when an instance is deleted, it is true by default; it can only be true now
networkInterface InstanceTemplateNetworkInterface Network Interface API Specification; this field must be filled in now


Name Type Description
subnetId String Subnet ID
securityGroups String[ ] Security Group ID List
sanityCheck Integer PortSecurity, with value 0 or 1 and default value 1


Name Type Description
diskCategory String Disk Category, with value of local disk (local) or Data Disk (cloud).
The system disk supports the local disk (local) or Cloud Disk Service (cloud). In case the local type is selected for the system disk, the localDisk type image must be used; similarly, in case the cloud type is selected for the system disk, the cloudDisk type image must be used.
The data disk only supports Cloud Disk Service (cloud).
autoDelete Boolean In case of deletion along with Virtual Machines, the disk is automatically deleted when Virtual Machines are deleted. It is default as true, and the local disk (local) cannot change the value.
This parameter is invalid, if the data disk (cloud) in Virtual Machines is in the billing method of monthly package.
This parameter is invalid, if the data disk (cloud) in Virtual Machines is of shared type.
instanceTemplateDisk InstanceTemplateDisk Data Disk Configuration
deviceName String Logical attach point of data disk, value range: vda,vdb,vdc,vdd,vde,vdf,vdg,vdh,vdi,vmj,vdk,vdl,vdm. It isn’t required for system disk, and is available only in the case of data disk.
noDevice Boolean In case of device exclusion, this parameter noDevice is used along with deviceName.
Create the entire machine image: e.g., deviceName:vdb, noDevice:true, so it indicates that the data disk vdb in Virtual Machines isn’t involved in image creation.
Create the template: e.g., deviceName:vdb, noDevice:true, it indicates that the data disk vdb in images cannot be involved in Virtual Machines creation.
Virtual machines creation: e.g., deviceName:vdb, noDevice:true, so it indicates that the data disk vdb or template (machines are created with templates) in images isn’t involved in machine creation.


Name Type Description
diskType String Cloud Disk Service type, with values of ssd, premium-hdd, hdd.std1, ssd.gp1 and ssd.io1
diskSizeGB Integer Size of Cloud Disk Service is in GiB; the value range of ssd type [20,1000]GB, and the step length is 10G, the value range of premium-hdd type [20,3000]GB, and the step length is 10G, the value range of hdd.std1, ssd.gp1 and ssd.io1 types is [20-16000]GB, and the step length is10GB
snapshotId String The snapshot ID used for creating Cloud Disk Service

Return Code

Return Code Description
200 OK
400 Invalid parameter
401 Authentication failed
404 Not found
500 Internal server error
503 Service unavailable
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