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Virtual Machines



Query secret key pairs in batches.
This API supports paging query with 20 items per page by default.

Request method


Request address{regionId}/keypairs

Name Type Required or not Default value Description
regionId String True Region ID

Request parameter

Name Type Required or not Default value Description
pageNumber Integer False 1 Page; 1 by default
pageSize Integer False 20 Paging Size; 20 by default; Value range[10, 100]
filters Filter[ ] False keyNames - key pair name, exact match, support many


Name Type Required or not Default value Description
name String True Name of Filter Requirements
operator String False Operator of filter requirements is eq by default
values String[ ] True Value of Filter Requirements

Response parameter

Name Type Description
result Result
requestId String


Name Type Description
keypairs Keypair[ ]
totalCount Number Total Data Entries


Name Type Description
keyName String Key Pair Name
keyFingerprint String Fingerprint of key pairs, based on the public key fingerprint format defined by RFC4716, with the MD5 information digest algorithm applied.
createTime String Creation Time

Response code

Return code Description
200 OK
400 Invalid parameter
401 Authentication failed
404 Not found
500 Internal server error
503 Service unavailable
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