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Virtual Machines



Image importation: Import external images into JD Cloud

Request Method


Request Address{regionId}/images:import

Name Type Required or Not Default Value Description
regionId String True Region ID

Request Parameter

Name Type Required or Not Default Value Description
architecture String True System Architecture, Optional Value: x86_64,i386
osType String True Operating System, Optional Value: windows,linux
platform String True Platform Name, Optional Value: CentOS,Ubuntu,Windows Server,Other Linux,Other Windows
diskFormat String True Disk Format, Optional Value: qcow2,vhd,vmdk,raw
systemDiskSizeGB Integer True The default size of the system disk to be made for the image is in GB. The minimum, maximum and required values are 40, 500 and an integer multiple of 10 respectively
imageUrl String True Address of the Object Storage Service External Link Requiring Image Importation
osVersion String False Operating System Version of Image
imageName String True Import the customized name of images
description String False Import the description information of images
forceImport Boolean False Whether force to import. If yes, ignore the image compliance detection
clientToken String False The user imports the idempotence guarantee of images. Please upload different values during each creation. Return the request result if the uploaded value is the same as a clientToken

Return Parameter

Name Type Description
result Result
requestId String


Name Type Description
imageId String Image id
importTaskId Integer Import the task id

Return Code

Return Code Description
200 OK
400 Invalid parameter
401 Authentication failed
404 Not found
500 Internal server error
503 Service unavailable
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