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Import public key parts of key pairs produced by other tools.
If the existed key pair name is uploaded, errors will be returned.

Request method


Request address{regionId}/keypairs:import

Name Type Required or not Default value Description
regionId String True Region ID

Request parameter

Name Type Required or not Default value Description
keyName String True Key pair name, which is required to be unique globally. Only figures, letters in upper case and lower case, underline “_” and line-through “-” are allowed, with at most 32 characters.
publicKey String True Public Key Parts of Key Pairs

Response parameter

Name Type Description
result Result
requestId String


Name Type Description
keyName String Key Pair Name
keyFingerprint String Fingerprint of key pairs, based on the public key fingerprint format defined by RFC4716, with the MD5 information digest algorithm applied.

Response code

Return code Description
200 OK
400 Invalid parameter
401 Authentication failed
404 Not found
500 Internal server error
503 Service unavailable
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