Virtual Machines


Virtual Machines


Stability and Reliability

JD Cloud provides you with a stable and reliable infrastructure, and promises that the virtual machine availability is 99.95%, and data of the triplicate cloud disk is 99.9999999% reliable. In addition, the VMs can be deployed in the AG, in which the VMs are deployed in a balanced manner across multiple fault domains in the data center, and the faults are isolated between fault domains to further improve the service availability. Please refer to Availability Group Documentation for details.


It supports multiple instance types, specifications, operating systems, bandwidth and storage resources. You can choose the optimal VM instance type, operating environment, storage configuration, etc. based on the business type and level.


Select billing by configuration or billing by monthly package as needed. The former provides user with a more flexible lifecycle management, and the latter supports to provide competitive prices in the industry. Both billing types support flexible adjustment of instance type to handle business load changes more easily.


Networks between VPC are 100% isolated. It conducts real-time monitoring and customized alarming, and provides security groups and network ACLs to achieve different levels of identity and access management. Besides, it also provides free VM security services such as DDoS, anti-brute force and other security protection measures to provide comprehensive protection for your business.


You can manage your VM resources via console and OpenAPI, which can realize automatic resource management in batches, such as stopping or restarting VMs. JD Cloud provides SDK with multi-lingual versions to reduce cloud development costs as well as the subsequent operation and maintenance costs.

Quick Deployment

You can create a complete image that contains data of system disks and data disks and use instance templates to realize complete and consistent deployment of services, which can greatly shorten the service deployment time. It supports second-level startup and minute-level batch creation to improve operation and maintenance efficiency.

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