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When a cross-region and consistent business deployment needs to be conducted based on the private image, you can copy one or more images in one region to a specified region. The time to complete the replication depends on the size of the image, the speed of the network transmission, and the processing of the system's concurrent tasks.

The image replication operation includes, first, it copies the cloud disk snapshot referenced by the image, and then supplements the related reference relationship and image metadata to generate a replica image.


  • The replication operation can only be supported by the private image with the type of "Cloud System Disk" and the status of "Available", If you want to replicate the "Local System Disk" private image, please convert it to the "Cloud System Disk" image through Image Type Conversion first.

  • You must ensure that the quotas in the target region are sufficient before the operation, because the replication operation will occupy the quota of the private image and the cloud disk snapshot in the target region.

      * Image replication supports batch operations, and it can replicate up to 5 images in a single operation;
      * The target region cannot be the current region where the image located, and only one region can be selected for one time;
      * The copy image name is the same as the original image's by default in order to identify its source, and the source image information (source image region and ID) is automatically added in the description;
      * The replication operation does not change the status of the source image. But the image cannot be deleted and the replication request cannot be submitted again until the replication operation is complete, and the rest of the operations (viewing, information modifying, VM Instance creating, etc.) are not affected;
      * Private images including encrypted snapshot do not support replication temporarily.

Operation Steps

  1. Access Image Console to enter the image list page. Or access [JD Cloud Console][2] Click navigation bar on the left Elastic Compute - Virtual Machines - Image to enter the image list page.
  2. Select Private Image TAB, select the private image needs to be replicated (the image type must be the cloud system disk), click More - Copy Image; or batch to tick no more than 5 images, click Copy Image below the list.
  3. The confirmation pop-up window will show the number of snapshots included in the source image selected and the quotas for private images and cloud disk snapshots in regions that support replication operations other than the current one. Click OK to start the image replication.
  4. After the replication task is successfully submitted, the replica image displays a status of "Pending", along with the overall replication progress as a percentage. The replica image name is the same as the original image's with description automatically added, which can be modified after creation.

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