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Create Cloud Disk Snapshot

A snapshot can retain the state of data in the cloud disk at a particular point in time as a data backup.

Usage Restrictions

  • By default, the quota of snapshots of a single user in a single region is 15 and it can be increased by opening ticket;
  • To ensure data integrity, please stop writing to the cloud disk before creating a snapshot to ensure the integrity of snapshot data;
  • It is recommended that you detach the cloud disk before making a snapshot, re-attach the disk to the instance after creating a snapshot. Please refer to Detach Cloud DiskAttach Cloud Disk;

Operation Steps

Refer to the Create Cloud Disk Snapshot on the cloud disk side.

Please note:

  • The time required to create a snapshot as full snapshot for the first time depends on the capacity of the cloud disk. The larger the capacity of the cloud disk is, the longer it takes, so please be patient.
  • The encryption attribute of cloud disk snapshot is inherited from the cloud disk and cannot be changed.

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