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Virtual Machines

Key Pair Deletion

The created SSH Key Pair can be deleted. When the key pair is deleted, the instance using such key pair can still log in normally by using a matched local private key pair and the key pair will be still displayed in the instance details.

* If the instance template is used when creating the key pair, such template cannot be used for creating the Availability Group when the key pair is deleted.
* If an instance template is created with the key pair and the Availability Group is created based on this template, the Availability Group will become unavailable when the key pair is deleted.

Operation Steps

  1. Access SSH Key Pair Console or access the [JD Cloud Console] 2. Click Elastic Compute-Virtual Machine-[SSH Key Pair on the left navigation bar to enter the key pair list page.

  2. Select the key pair to be deleted and click Delete in the operation.

  3. Click OK in the deletion confirmation pop-up box to delete the key pair.

Update Time:2019-08-28 21:38:31