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Export Instance Information

You can export instance list under the specified region through the console. The information currently supported for export is: ID, name, region, availability zone, Availability Group, fault domain, status, image, instance type, primary private IP, EIP and bandwidth associated to the private IP, VPC , subnet, Cloud Disk associated, billing information, label, creation time, and expiration time (for the Virtual Machines that are monthly package billing).

Operation Steps

  1. Access Virtual Machines Console and enter the instance list page. Or access JD Cloud Console Click navigation bar on the left Elastic Compute - Virtual Machines to enter the instance list page.

  2. Select a region.

  3. Click the export list icon on the top right corner of the Instance list page.

     Note: The export time is affected by the instance items. Please wait patiently if there are more data.
Update Time:2019-08-28 21:38:30