Virtual Machines


Virtual Machines

Set Alarm Rules

You can set different alarm rules for different monitoring items of the instance. When the rules are satisfied, the alarm will be triggered to send you emails and SMS.

Operation Steps

  1. Access Monitoring - VM Monitoring Console or visit JD Cloud Console click the left navigation bar Management - Monitoring - Resource Monitoring - VM Monitoring to enter the instance monitoring list page.
  2. Find the instance of the monitoring data you need to view, click Operate - Monitoring Table to enter the monitoring details page
  3. Click Alarm Rules tab to switch to the alarm rule option and click Add Alarm.
  4. Support for setting alarm rules simultaneously for multiple instances.
  5. You can choose to use the current existing alarm rule template or create a new alarm rule, or set the configured rule to a new alarm rule template in convenience for your next use.
  6. If you choose to create a new alarm rule, you need to configure the monitoring items, statistics period, statistics method, calculation mode, threshold, and duration.  For the examples, the above support is as follows:
Configuration Items Configuration Requirements
Monitoring Items CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Read Traffic, Disk Write Traffic, Network Inbound Traffic and Network Outbound Traffic
Statistical Cycle 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour, 2 minutes by default
Statistics Method Average, Maximum, Minimum, and Sum, Average by default
Calculation Method >、≥、<、≤、=and≠,>by default
Threshold Depending on the monitoring item, the minimum value is 0% and the maximum value is 100% for usage
Continuous Period 1, 2, 3, and 5, the default is 1. When the monitored item continues to exceed the threshold during the statistical period, the count is incremented by one. Otherwise, it is cleared. If the count exceeds the set value, the alarm will be triggered.
  1. Set the alarm to notify contact, and support setting the contact or contact group. After the configuration is complete, the instance running status can be monitored normally.
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