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Release the Secondary Private IP

Operation Steps

  1. Access Virtual Machines Console and enter the instance list page. Or access JD Cloud Console Click navigation bar on the left Elastic Compute - Virtual Machines to enter the instance list page.

  2. Select a region.

  3. In the instance list, select the instance that needs to release the secondary private IP and click the name to enter the details page.

  4. Click Elastic Network Interface tab, select the elastic network interface that needs to release IP, find the secondary private IP that needs to be released, and click Release.

  5. In the second confirmation window that pops up, click OK.

     Note: Note: The primary private IP does not support for release. When the secondary private IP is released, the elastic IP shall be disassociated automatically. If you need to delete the elastic IP, please go to the elastic IP list page.

In addition, you can also release from the elastic network interface console. For details, see Elastic Network Interface Side Release Secondary IP.

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