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What if the VM Auto Reboots in Early Morning?

Problem Phenomenon

The VM always reboots at night automatically.


The VM will not automatically reboot under normal circumstances, and users can check whether Windows system is updated by default. After the installation of the windows image is completed, the automatic Windows updates, patch installation and reboot will be in the default setting of the system, and the default time will be at 3 a.m. Users can change it to the manual update or modify the time of automatic update which can be adjusted in the control panel:

Considering the rampant virus, it is not recommended to manually update. The time points with low load and less services are favorable for updates. Please keep updating once a week manually, if insisting to turn off automatic updates.

If the automatic update time has been set, and the abnormal reboot still occurs, please check the machine status and main information such as memory use rate and CPU use rate. Virtual memory overrun also causes the automatic server rebooting.

If the problems are beyond the above scope after self-examination, please contact after-sales for technical support, and there will be a more professional technical service team to help you solve problems.

Update Time:2019-08-28 21:38:33