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Windows 2008 Disk Partition and Formatting

Note: Disk partitioning and formatting are high-risk behaviors, please operate with caution. The following operations are for newly purchased data disks. If it involves the processing of the original data disk, make sure to create a snapshot for the data disk of the Virtual Machines to avoid possible data loss.

The data disk just purchased, by default, is not partitioned and formatted. You can refer to the following methods to initially configure it:

  1. Click Server Manager in the lower left corner.

  1. Select Storage - Disk Management.

  1. Right click the data disk (disk 1) and select Initialize Disk. Select MBR (Master Boot Record) and confirm.

Note: If the data disk displays "Offline" at this time, you need to right click "Online" on Disk 1 before subsequent operation.

  1. Right click to Create Simple Volume on the blank partition.

  1. Next by default.

  1. Select the drive to which the data disk is attached, and click Next.

  1. Select the file system as NTFS and tick to perform quick format.

  1. Click Finish, and the system will automatically form a new partition. The drive to which the data disk is attached is formatted.

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