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Configure https for iis Service in Windows 2008

Create Certificate:

  1. Use the CA service of Windows Server 2008 R2 to create a certificate, and click Add Role in Server Manager.

  1. Select Active Directory Certificate Service.

  1. To add services, you need to select three services: Certificate Authority, Certificate Authority Web Registration and Online Response Program.

  1. Because it is not a domain control environment, you can simply select Independent (A).

  1. For the first CA installed, simply select Root CA(R).

  1. Simply select Create Private Key (R).

  1. Simply keep the default here. Of course, if you need a customized setting, you can also choose customized setting.

  1. It is recommended to keep the default name of CA here.

  1. Set the valid period of the certificate, which by default is 5 years. This can be set according to the situation of the Web.

  1. Set the certificate database location and log location at your discretion.

Create IIS service:

  1. After installing the CA certificate, the installer will automatically boot and start the IIS installation.

  1. In this case, you need to tick ASPNETt and .NET Expansibility.

  1. It should be noted that the computer name or domain name cannot be changed after the certificate is installed.

  1. Finally, make sure that the certificate service and Web Server IIS are successfully installed.

Create a self-signed certificate:

  1. Select Server Certificate in the IIS Manager.

  1. Select the previously created certificate and select Create Self-Signed Certificate.

  1. Set a name that is concise and understandable.

Build https website:

  1. Add a new website.

  1. Set the main directory of the website, set the type as https, and simply select the testca that is set in the previous stage for SSL certificate.

  1. Set an Index.html test page in the root directory of the website.

  1. Select the site and click the default document.

  1. Move the Index.html default document to the top.

  1. Perform access test with HTTPS used for the external network. You can see it and access it, but because the certificate is not issued by a public CA, there will be a security tip. If you purchased a CA certificate, when a paid certificate is used, usually there will be no such security risk tip.

  1. Select Go on and you will find that the website can be accessed normally.

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