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Virtual Machines

Windows System

SC Command The SC command is a Windows native service control command, by which, standard Windows services can be easily added and deleted:

Add Service

sc create ServiceName binpath= "D:\services\xxx.exe"

Remove Service

sc delete ServiceName


● A space shall be reserved after binpath parameters.

● Users shall configure it manually after services are added, such as, setting the startup type as Automatic.

● Users can view and manage registered services via services.msc.

Add Auto-starting Service Example

(1) Open [cmd] with administrator authorization and execute the following commands to set the wosigncode.exe as a service program.

sc create myservice binpath= "c:\wosigncode.exe"

After successful execution, the following figure displays:

(2) Run -> Enter services.msc.

(3) Right click "myservice" just added, and select "Properties" (see the figure below).

(4) Select "Automatic" for the startup type, click "Start" and then click "OK" to complete the program startup settings.

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