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Open fsockopen Function for php in Windows System

To install the Discuz and phpwind programs, you need to enable the fsockopen function. The method is as follows:

After the php environment is configured, there will be a php.ini file, which is the php configuration file. Take the Windows 2008 one-click installation environment as an example.

  1. The php.ini file is located in the directory C:websoftphp-5.5.7 of the server. The php environment installed by other methods can be searched in the disk.

  1. Find the php.ini file, open it with Notepad, look for allow_url_fopen = and check if it is followed by off or On. Change it to On if it is off.

  1. Continue to find extension=php_openssl.dll in the php.ini file, delete ";" if there is a ";" in front of extension=php_openssl.dll and then save it.

  1. Finally restart IIS, open the IIS Information Service Manager, select "Restart" on the right, and the fsockopen function will be normally started after the restart.

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Update Time:2019-08-28 21:38:33