Virtual Private Cloud


Virtual Private Cloud

Product Overview

Overview of VPC

JD Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is the logically isolated cyberspace which you customize on the JD public Cloud. It is similar with the traditional network which you built in data center. This private cyberspace is completely controlled by the user and supports the customized division of the network segment and route policy, etc. Users can create and manage multiple cloud products in VPC, such as VMs, load balancers, etc., and configure resources within the network to connect to the Internet. In addition, you can connect your IDC intranet and JD VPC by VPN, to realize hybrid cloud deployment of applications and enable the applications to migrate to the cloud smoothly.

The Overall Structure of VPC


VPC VS Traditional Network

Main Differences

VPC Traditional Data Center Network
Forwarding and Control Element Separation Forwarding and Control Element Coupling
Centralized Control Distributed Control
Programmable Not Programmable
Open API Not Open
Virtualization-based Network Capability Hardware-based Network Capability

Functional Comparison

VPC Traditional Network
Operate various components of the network flexibly through console or API. Use software to define network, saving the costs of equipment as well as the operation and maintenance Unable to change network configuration flexibly, high operation and maintenance costs
Realize flexible service switching through Elastic IP Not supporting flexible associating and flexible switching of service through Public IP
Connect JD VPC to Enterprise IDC through VPN/Dedicated Line access which can reduce the enterprise IT operation and maintenance costs, protect the security of core data and easily build hybrid cloud Do not support hybrid cloud deployment
configurate security group and ACL policies on your own to provide multiple safety guards for users' data and applications at the instance level and subnet level Need to purchase additional equipment in order to reach to the same security level

VPC Security

Users can set up a VPC network on their own. Different VPCs are logically isolated. Users can customize the VPC network segments and subnet network segments. Users can also set ACL policies at subnet level and associate security groups with the instances in the subnet to provide multiple safety guards.

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