Message Queue


Message Queue


High Availability

Adopt primary/secondary automatic switching technology, the Service Availability Guarantee is up to 99.95%

High Reliability

Raft algorithm is introduced to achieve high reliability of data, synchronous writing, and three copies of data backup. The data reliability is up to 99.999999%. The default message persistent storage is 3 days. Message Queue supports messages of resetting consumer offset at any time within 3 days.

High Performance

Supports receiving and sending messages of ten million-level per second. Without concurrency restrictions and massive message accumulation. The capacity is unlimited and the message writing delay is within 10 ms

Multiple Types

Support a variety of message types to meet the needs of different business scenarios. The message types include: General messages, Ordered messages, and Delayed messages

Low Cost

In order to meet the demand of sending and receiving messages among services, including the follows: The quantity of Topic can be flexibly scaled. The cluster size can be flexibly scaled. Which is transparent to users and charged on demand, improves resource utilization and reduces redundancy costs.

Convenient Operation and Maintenance

Provide multi-dimensional monitoring of resource operation status and performance, Provide notification of multi-terminal warning, Reduces routine maintenance workload, Can point out early warning of risks, position rapidly, and solve the problems

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