Message Queue


Message Queue

Billing Overview

Description: Message Queue products are formally launched. For the charging standards, please check Price Overview.

Billing Items

The Message Queue charges according to the combination of API call fee and the Topic resource occupancy fee.

  • API calls, that's, the number of providing API that user calling the Message Queue.
  • Topic resource occupation, that is, the number of Topic created by users.

Region and Availability Zone

The Message Queue is currently in unified prices in all AZs of all regions.

Overdue and Expiration Note

  • Message Queue service charge cycle is 24 hours, that is, JD Cloud charges on the next natural day for service usage of your last natural day, and charges from your JD Cloud account according to the amount of service. To ensure that your services are available, please have sufficient balance in your JD Cloud account.

  • Your current Account Balance is insufficient to pay the bills. Message Queue is overdue for more than 24 hours. JD Cloud will suspend its service for you, that is, you can no longer operate the Message Queue console and API. Unprocessed message data will be automatically released, and the released data will not be recovered.

  • When the Message Queue is in overdue for more than 168 hours, JD Cloud will stop serving you and release all resources. The original business data cannot be recovered.

Update Time:2019-05-28 16:47:14