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Delete and Manage Topic


  • For topic owners, they have topic management authority and delete authority.
  • For an authorized topic, the authorized user only has the right to delete, but not really delete the topic, just delete the authorization.


1. In topic list of the "Topic Management" page, choose More in the topic located row that ready to delete and choose Delete.

删除和管理步骤1 Pop up prompt box, click Delete, when the topic is deleted, the Message Queue will no longer push messages, immediately stop the service, and data cannot be restored.

2. In the topic list of "Topic Management" page, choose More in the topic located row that need to operate, you can select Send Pause, Receive Pause or All Pause.

删除和管理步骤2 Pop up the prompt box to confirm the required operation.

3. You can reset the consumer offset in the "Subscription Management" page.

删除和管理步骤3 Select Reset Consumer Offset of the relationship of resetting consumer offset. 删除和管理步骤4

  • You can select Clear all cumulative messages, and all unconsumed cumulative messages will be skipped and start to consume the message from the latest next message.
  • You can select Reset consumer offset by time, choose to reset consumer offset at any time in the message life cycle, and change consumption progress.
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