Message Queue


Message Queue


The procedure of quickly using the Message Queue:

  1. Access to Message Queue Console.
  2. Create resources
  3. Send consumer messages


  • If you need to establish a direct connection of public network with Message Queue, please select *Public network-North China Region where the performance is limited (with TPS limit of 1000), and the quota is 10.
  • In the region: public network (North China), Message Queue Service can only be used for testing (public network can be directly accessed); please do not use it in the production environment, related resources expense will not be collected (since April 15, 2019), and the product's service level agreement shall not be committed.
  • The production environment is recommended to be in other regions (Message Queue Service public network is inaccessible; it can be directly accessed within VPC).

The access protocol and development language supported by Message Queue

At present, we only support TCP (SDK) and HTTP protocol under Java.

Update Time:2019-05-28 16:47:14